Clausholm slot

Favrskov Municipality includes the main cities Hadsten, Ulstrup, Hammel and Hinnerup as well as smaller towns and lots of villages. The municipality is located in one of the most beautiful nature areas in Jutland, but is still only a half hour drive from larger cities such as Aarhus, Silkeborg, Randers and Viborg. Denmark’s longest river, Gudenåen, runs through the nothern and western part of the municipality.

In the beautiful nature of the area, there are plenty of opportunities to stay active, for example by mountain biking through the amazing forests, staying the night in a shelter, wandering along Gudenåen, going on fishing trips or biking tours along the bike route Culture By Bike. Here you can among other things conquer one of the country’s most famous biking hills, the Pøt Mølle hill, with an average increase of 9.7 %.

You can also walk up to Busbjerg, which is one of the highest viewpoints of the municipality. From here, you will have a beautiful view of the Gudenå valley. Every summer, Busbjerg forms the natural setting of the yearly Busbjerg Play, where locals since 1946 have arranged musicals and plays.

Favrskov Municipality prioritizes culture and sports as sources of daily experiences, challenges and joy. The culture and union life in Favrskov Municipality is built on a positive interaction between volunteers and employees at the cultural institutions of the municipality. The libraries and culture houses are the centre of rotation of many different activities, where people can meet at exhibitions, lectures and concerts.

Besides this, there are two cinemas in the municipality: Hadsten Bio and Fotorama in Hammel and the Model Railway Europa in Hadsten is also worth a visit. Every year, the two markets Hammel Horse Market and Lilleå Market in Hadsten also gather people from near and far.

In Favrskov, you will also find a number of beautiful castles and manors like for example Clausholm Castle, Ulstrup Castle and Frijsenborg Manor.

Ferris wheel in Favrskov
Mountain bike riders in forrest in Favrskov