Opening of bike path Aalemaj

Hedensted Municipality offers plenty of opportunities to explore beautiful nature, take an active holiday with the people you love, and enjoy lots of cultural experiences.

Throughout the year, a number of cultural events take place with local artists and cultural operators are mixed up with new trends from the rest of the cultural world. The local artist network throws a collective exhibition, where you can see a variety of art that will help light your imagination and curiosity as well as provide inspiration for creative activities. An arts and craft market in the cosy town centre of Juelsminde with a pottery artist’s garden as the centre of rotation also offers arts and craft from some of the most skilled hands in the country.

When the summer is at its high point, Palsgaard Summer Play invites its audience to one of Denmark’s most beautiful open-air stages in Palsgaard Castle Park. During the year, cultural unions, churches and others offer different both indoor and outdoor concerts.

Finally, the Culture Factory opens its doors for the second time this September and invites you to come and watch the cultural actors produce, exhibit and create together in a great community where age, gender and ethnicity does not matter.

If you like culture and history, you will find several exciting opportunities at the museums located in the area. Here, you can relive the past at Glud and Hjortsvang Museum or experience the agricultural machinery that your parents and grandparents might have used in the past at the Ferguson Museum. At Uldum Mill you can see how a real mill works and even buy organic flour produced at the mill.

If you prefer sailing and lovely beaches, Juelsminde is the place to go. The marina and the beaches around the city create a great setting for wonderful experiences. If you and your family are more into canoeing and kayaking, there are plenty of opportunities on the beautiful river, Gudenåen, which winds its way through the western part of Hedensted Municipality.

Unique nature can be experienced in Uldum Kær, which today is a Natura 2000. Here, peat during the First and Second World War has created many opportunities for plant, fish and bird life, and the latter can also be experienced from the many bird towers in the area. The area can also be seen from the water, as Gudenåen runs through it. A few kilometers from here, the canoe voyage on the Gudenå begins.

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Opening of East Coast path