Horsens is a vivid city with a sparkling culture life that offers everything from the small, intimate and unique experiences to big splashes. Thousands of happy audiences have throughout the year visited Horsens for concerts, sports events etc. and the city is hungry for more. Throughout the year, you can experience a number of culture festivals with different themes, amongst other Horsens Theatre Festival, Crime Book Festival, Drawing Festival and Blues Festival. The biggest festival is European Medieval Festival in August, which every year attracts many thousand visitors.

Culture houses and museums

In Horsens Municipality, a number of exiting culture houses like Horsens New Theatre and the venue Kulisselageret offer a varied programme of concerts, theatrical experiences and stand-up comedy. Visits at the museums of the municipality also offer something for everyone. You can dive into the land reclamations of the latest century at the Industrial Museum, immerse yourself in modern art at Horsens Art Museum, experience the birth of the city around 800 years ago at Horsens Museum, or go on an extraordinary time travel at FÆNGSLET, where you can both experience the award winning prison museum and many other facilities and activities in the unique setting of the old state prison.

Experiences all year round

Everyday life in Horsens also offers many activities and experiences. The initiative Feel the City creates life in the city centre, supports and interacts with both culture institutions and the active union life in Horsens.

Activities for and with children and young people is a central part of the culture life in Horsens. The Culture Station that among others houses the Music School, Ballet School, Art School and Comedy House creates a great setting for children’s culture with workshops, small stages and activities all year round.

Besides a vivid culture scene, Horsens also has a rich nature life which is both green and blue. Horsens fjord marks both the city and municipality, which also offers beautiful landscapes and interesting excursion sites in nature, among others The Rediscovered Bridge at Vestbirk.

Mideavel festival in Horsens
Childrens theater