Drone photo of Ikast-Brande

In the Ikast-Brande area, you can look forward to experience beautiful nature, many works of art and a variety of very special churches.

Art and culture play an integral part in the identity of the area. The Ikast-Brande area offers its visitors something special, namely art and culture in public spaces, where the audience is not required to pay an entrance fee. The experience is free. In Ikast-Brande, art is a natural part of everyday life. It is visible in the cities and in the countryside; it creates surprises and helps to create lively debate. 

Citizens and guests have great pleasure of these pieces of art day after day. The area also offers museums, galleries and venues, where art can be enjoyed indoors in beautiful locations. Well-known names – both in art and in music – have visited the Ikast-Brande area, leaving behind an impressive legacy.

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