Oyster safari at Gjellerodde, Lemvig

A visit in Lemvig Municipality is a journey into nature, culture and history. Lemvig is beautiful. Everyone says so. The city tickles all senses. Here are hills, lakes, forests, fjords and views. The town port is an attraction to most. And it has been uniquely "climate-proofed" with an internationally acclaimed wall that keeps water out when the tide is high. It is safe to be there, whatever the weather.

At the harbour, there are yachts and fishing boats, a fishmonger, shops and restaurants. In the middle of the harbour, you can walk up the fine pedestrian street and shop in the old traditional store buildings or modern trading houses. If you are into sailing, you can walk ashore in Lemvig Marina a little further to the North and take the bike along the cove into town – just a few kilometers.

For the young people, a new kind of Skate Park bound together with a snake run is an exciting and demanding experience. The park ends in a basketball court with practice rails and ledges around it. The park is quite challenging and takes great skating skills to complete because of the snake run. We guarantee a unique experience, if you are used to more traditional skate parks.

When it comes to nature and culture, Thyborøn is in a league of its own on the West Coast. The city is located on the tip of the land. Within a few hundred meters of the city, there is a big white beach exactly where the North Sea and the Limfjord meet. Breakwater 59. You will also find Jyllandsakvariet with fish, Kystcenteret with coastal experiences, the Marina, the Sea War Museum and a memorial park for dead marines. Are you interested in modern fishing, you can go to the fishing port and see what the fishermen spend their time doing, when they are in port.

You should also take the time to visit the area around Bovbjerg Lighthouse. Here, it is swarming with stories in the countryside around the lighthouse and the moraine hills of Bovbjerg. The back-story – the geology of the place – is a fascinating story of nature's immense power many thousands of years ago.

The breakwaters are also part of the story. They mark the end of an era when a greedy sea ate a big part of the country. About the same time, the lighthouse authority became an important weapon in the fight to stop the eerily many shipwrecks of the "Iron Coast".

Nearby churches and the region's memorial stones tell many tales and the stories about life as an artist on Bovbjerg in the first half of the 1900s is a story in itself. The stories are told in, for instance, Bovbjerg Lighthouse’s historic workshop Fyrforstand.

Are you looking for an artistic experience, we recommend the Museum of Religious Art. There, you can experience exciting exhibitions at one of Lemvig's most beautiful sites at the fjord. Behind the museum rise the thickly vegetated slopes that protect against the Western wind and in front of the museum lies the fjord entrance to Lemvig Harbour.

Bovbjerg Lighthouse
Lemvig marina