Morning at the beach in Hov, Odder

In Odder, volunteering and union life forms the DNA of the municipality. There are lots of eagerness and engagement in the local culture life and many opportunities of enjoying unique experiences. If you visit the cinema, you will be welcomed by some of its more than 100 volunteers. If you are more into art or theatre, it is also volunteers who initiate and create great experiences in those fields.

There are also many cultural experiences at the larger institutions. At Odder Library, there are often exciting events and lectures for all ages. Odder Music School offers a musical fundament for the children of the municipality, and the rest of the town enjoy the many musical experiences provided by the school’s orchestras. Odder Museum often holds lectures about the cultural history of the region – sometimes even from a kayak and other times in the beautiful surroundings of the museum. VitaPark was once a hospital, but has now become a centre for cultural growth with, for instance, concerts at the Culture Kitchen, art workshops and exhibitions.

Around the municipality, you can meet the local artists and craftsmen who often open up their workshops so you can learn more about their work. You can also meet the artists at the yearly arts and crafts market. Or go on a sculpture trip and experience the more than 40 outdoor pieces in and around the city.

You can also meet the many unions and cultural actors of the municipality at Odder Street Festival or visit the Organic Garden, which is the largest organic garden for visitation and demonstration in the North.

In Spectrum Odder, you can experience big concerts and lectures. In 2017, the brand new venue of cultural experiences, Remisen, opened in the train route Odder-grisen’s old workshop. Here, you could experience the performance SAGN, which was a part of the programme of European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017.

Tunø is something quite special and if you are into music and festivals, you should not miss the yearly Tunø Festival.

Lots of cultural experiences are waiting in Odder Municipality and we invite you to pay us a visit. Aarhus Light Rail is on its way – directly from Aarhus to Odder. And we are ready to welcome you.

Garden of ecological greens
Norsminde Kro, Odder