Welcome to Randers. Here, Gudenåen meets Randers Fjord, river becomes ocean, and fresh water becomes salt water. Discover our city and the area around it and feel the special nature that has formed us throughout time. Here, at Gudenåen and the fjord, we have pulled the barges, cultivated the land, traded, lived, and formed untraditional ideas.
That is why you will find very innovative exhibitions at our museums. Get inspired by Randers Art Museum’s unique collection of paintings from the Golden Age. Enjoy the museum’s collection of Danish art from 1790 until today or discover the varied temporary exhibitions. Did you know that the art museum in Randers deliver pieces to both Louvre, Japan and London? In Randers Municipality, you can also visit many different art galleries and studios.

If you want to learn more about Randers through time, you can visit Museum Østjylland’s exhibition “Life at the Fjord”. Both museums are placed in Randers Culture House which also houses Randers Library that both offers time for contemplation, new knowledge and invites you to debates and dialogues.

Music and theatre

Randers is also a city with a vibrating music scene and lots of exciting theatrical performances. Come by Værket and experience great operas, ballets, shows and performances, or listen to one of the country’s greatest chamber orchestras, Randers Chamber Orchestra. At Turbinen, we have lots of tour concerts in hip, new surroundings with everything new and exciting within the rhythmic music scene. We also welcome you at the country’s largest regional theatre, Randers EgnsTeater, which is known for producing interesting theatrical performances for both children and adults as well as presenting the very best of Danish and international stage art.
At Memphis Mansion, the spirit of Elvis Presley is brought to life in a house that on the outside is a true copy of The King’s mansion Graceland. In Randers Tropical Zoo, you can discover tropical animals and plants under the great domes.


Randers city centre is formed by a system of small cobblestone streets and alleys with buildings from the 17th and 18th century housing modern shops and cafes today. ‘Hygge’ is the most accurate word for describing the city centre that also includes the oldest pedestrian street in the country, Houmeden. In the southern end of the city, you will find Randers Storcenter, also called “the cosiest mall in Denmark.”

Experience nature

Denmark’s only river, Gudenåen, runs to its delta in the middle of the city where it becomes Randers Fjord. Both the river and the fjord offer great opportunities for fishing and other nature experiences.

Driving around the municipality, you can also experience Udbyhøj Marina which offers one of the most child-friendly beaches in the country with some of Denmark’s warmest bathing water. Close by, you will find a large conservation area. Naturpark Randers Fjord offers a number of hot spots, a very special bird area and lots of opportunities for being active in nature, like for instance cycling or hiking along Gudenåen.