Sand Sculpture Festival, Soendervig

People love to get out where they can feel the wind, where the power of the waves can make anyone stop in sheer amazement, and where the strange lights over the area eases the mind and puts worries to rest.

But sometimes we also want to indulge ourselves in a good restaurant, go shopping and enjoy art exhibitions and museums.

A trip around Ringkøbing Fjord gives an insight of the fjord landscape and environment in and around the small fjord harbours. The towns around them offer each their own unique and different character and here you will both meet cultural activities, shopping opportunities and you can taste and buy delicious local food.

Before you move to Holmsland Klit in the northern part of the area, lies Ringkøbing with Denmark’s largest preserved town centre with architectural highlights of Ulrik Plesner among others. At Holmsland Klit, you can walk to the top and enjoy the beautiful view from Lyngvig Lighthouse, and in the southern end, you can experience the life of the vikings at Bork Viking Harbour. Further into the country, at Videbæk, you can have a very special art experience at Vestjyllands Art Pavillon, which both houses variable exhibitions of contemporary art and a permanent exhibition by Arne Haugen Sørensen.

Historic Ringkobing
West Coast, Ringkobing