Fisherman in the rising sun

Samsø is Central Denmark Region’s charming green island and 100% self-sufficient in renewable energy.

The island and the sea around it create a wonderful mix of deep relaxation in a tranquil setting and glorious holiday activities.

The beaches vary from wide child-friendly beaches with shallow water, to the more rocky beaches with deeper waters, which in turn have some excellent fishing opportunities. Everywhere, the water is crystal clear and the long coastline means that the beaches are never crowded.

Samsø has a size of 114 km2 and in this area you will find an indescribably beautiful and varied countryside, which offers many experiences and opportunities for activities. The landscape and the short distances make the island ideal for a holiday on bike.

The island has a number of cozy villages – a total of 22, each with its own character and charm. They are best experienced with a quiet stroll through the winding streets, so you have time to take in all the details.

Children on the beach with crabs
Horseback riding on the beach