The Silkeborg Lakes, Gudenåen and the forests are what make Silkeborg and the surrounding area so unique. This creates the setting of nature and cultural experiences in Denmark’s Outdoor Capital.

Silkeborg and its surroundings offer a wide range of festivals, exhibitions, music, theatre, art, culture, gourmet, sports and nature, for both children and adults.

Amongst other things, you can visit Silkeborg Museum and experience ‘Tollundmanden’, which is an unusually well preserved body from the 4th century BC, which was found under a bog.

You can experience the artwork from the world famous COBRA-artist, Asger Jorn, at Jorn Museum.

Silkeborg has a magnificent nature scenario where you can for an example enjoy a sailing tour on the steam ship Hjejlen to see the waters, or go on a bike or hiking tour in the beautiful forest areas. We also recommend going a tour to the Himmelbjerg – you can for example go there with Hjejlen.
Guest at Museum Jorn
Firework show at the Fireworks Regatta, Silkeborg