Billede af træbro der gør naturområde ved Skive Fjord tilgængeligt

In Skive Municipality you do not wait to get served a tray of self-service-culture. Instead, you get involved and create culture yourself. The area contains a great number of active volunteers and a rich union life with everything from art unions, a theatre circle and a jazz club to choirs, orchestras and a model railway club.

Skive is characterized by an active music environment that both includes width- and talent development, and Musikkens by has raised many talents and stars throughout the years. Here, you will find a great selection of concerts and music events within both rhythmic and classical music, jazz and opera. Every year, The Skive Area Music Scholarship rewards the most promising young musical talents with distinguished awards within rhythmic and classical music. Skive Opera Festival, which was founded in 2017, is an upcoming international opera festival with both famous and newly composed original opera pieces performed by existing stars and new talents from the opera world.

The Skive area is also the birthplace of democracy. A few years ago, the citizens celebrated the 100th year of the country’s first elected mayor, Hjalmar Kjems. And just like 150 years ago, the artist Jeppe Aakjær’s home, Jenle, in Østsalling, still today forms the setting of democratic and popular debates as well as houses the biggest literature club of the country, Aakjærselskabet.

Every year, Denmark’s best preserved medieval castle, Spøttrup Borg, arranges different activities with the medieval times as the theme. In week 30, the great medieval market, Bispens Marked, is held every year.

With 190 kilometers of coast by Limfjorden and little treasures like the island Fur and halfisland Lundø, the Skive area is a treat for nature lovers. If you are interested in gourmet cooking, you can also enjoy plenty of delicious delicacys from the many local food producers.

Skive is a place of great cultural engagement and will. Here, we do "Culture on Purpose".

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