Paragliders in Toftum Bjerge

Struer Municipality is characterized by proximity. Proximity to magnificent nature, to an engaged union life filled with volunteers and, last but not least, proximity to many cultural experiences.

Folkets Hus offers great acoustic settings for everything from concerts to fashion shows. Struer Museum presents a large, unique exhibition about the famous company Bang and Olufsen, which has played a defining role in the development of the city. And at the culture centre, Gimsinghoved, placed in an old farm, you can experience exhibitions and small music festivals or take a hike in the great garden that is maintained by volunteer garden enthusiasts.

In the recent years, Struer has established itself as “City of Sound”, a tale of a thriving local community build upon entrepreneurial spirit and innovation force. The project is a development platform for the entire municipality and has amongst other things created the sound art biennale Struer Tracks that will take place again in 2019 and attracted Denmarks Radio’s choirs and orchestras for the week long music festival “En By Spiller Op”.

The municipality is a great place for hiking, for instance along the 136 kilometres of coast line, at the heather hills by Resen Hede, or along the sculpture route in Struer City. If you are traveling by foot here, you will, for instance, meet the landmark Sarpsborgpigen, a sculpture by the artist Kåre Orud and a gift from the Norwegian friendship city Sarpsborg.
Tour of the Limfjord race sailing
Stalls in pedestrian street