Hjarbaek Fjord, Viborg

Viborg is the largest city in a municipality with more than 80 towns and villages. The city is Denmark’s second oldest and has since the Viking Age been a central city of the region – both culturally, churchly and geographically.

In old times, people would arrive from the road, Hærvejen, and gather in Viborg. Today, it is still like that in many ways. In the past, you would meet one another at Snapsting in Viborg. This tradition is relived every year for a week in June, where we turn the city upside down in a special Viborg-mix of culture, sports, games and celebration. For instance, the march Hærvejsmarchen and the run Hærvejsløbet end in Viborg.

Another large festival that reflects the identity of Viborg is Viborg Animation Festival, which every fall presents many experiences with film, events and world class workshops.

And then there is of course the great handball festival, Generation Handball, Photo Days Viborg and Viborg International Church Music Festival. And Viborg is also the proud home field of the Denmark women’s national football team.

Ulbjerg Klint, Viborg
Dollerup Bakker, Viborg