In June 2019, the citizens of Central Denmark Region can look forward to a firework of cultural experiences when a brand new festival with the theme Rediscover will take place across the region.
Make a big X in you calendar from June 3rd to 16th in 2019. Here, Central Denmark Region will be filled with exciting cultural activities when European Region of Culture Festival celebrates creativity and community under the theme and mindset Rediscover.
The theme is an inspiration for all events during the festival. It refers to the theme of European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017 Let’s Rethink and looks into the future.
With that in mind, we are going to explore our region. Shed a new light on the well-known and discover the hidden and unknown. Turn everything upside down in a rediscovery of who we are and what we can do. And then we are going to dive into history, let creativity blossom and together move out on an exploration towards the future.
Besides the theme, the events of the festival are arranged in three different programme tracks that all illustrate different perspectives of the future:

Children and youths focuses on the group who will play a big part in the development of future societies.
This track concentrates on inspiring, letting go of your imagination and rediscovering the world with young, new eyes.
Country and city works with the great span of Central Denmark Region from intimate village communities to big cities. Here, it is all about playing with contrasts and differences in nature and culture and rediscovering both opportunities and challenges.

Ideas for the future takes you on a journey that discovers both past, present and future, explores the challenges that lie ahead and tries to solve them.

We are looking forward to celebrating culture with you across the region in the summer of 2019!