European Region of Culture wants more cultural collaboration in Central Denmark Region. This is supposed to happen through a shared culture program and a brand new festival in 2019.

Singing fishing boats, energetic sing-along, rhythmic fish boxes, and a harbour in Hvide Sande brightened by fireworks and thousands of big smiles. Poetry, living images, music, and shining dancers in the streets of Aarhus. That is how we said our goodbyes to our year of culture in December 2017. Together, in spite of great geographical distances. We want more of that. That is why Central Denmark Region and the 19 municipalities have created European Region of Culture. Under the slogan “History. Creativity. Community”, we will continue to strengthen the cultural collaboration within the region and build bridges between the municipality borders.
“It is amazing that the 19 municipalities of the region, each with their unique profile, are all supporting the legacy after Aarhus 2017, and I am confident that in the future we can make great progress together in the cultural field. European Region of Culture is an ambitious collaboration that has our full attention here at the region,” says President of the Regional Council in Central Denmark Region, Anders Kühnau.
The project is financed by Central Denmark Region and its municipalities. It focuses on citizen-centered events and projects that prioritize cooperation, ensure geographical reach, and operate within an international perspective. The initial period of the collaboration agreement will last until 2020.
“The Capital of Culture showed us that collaboration creates value for both the citizens and cultural institutions. That’s why we’re very happy that the new collaboration has had a great beginning, and I’m looking forward to experiencing the first concrete results of it,” says President of the Municipality Contact Council in Central Denmark Region, Torben Hansen.
In the Aarhus 2017 Foundation, that provided the breeding ground for the ambitious cultural collaboration which now lives on the European Region of Culture, the joy of expectation is huge as well:
“It has been an enrichment to experience the very fertile collaboration across municipalities and cultural institutions in the cultural year, and exactly that has been one of the great strengths of the projects. That’s why this is an excellent initiative that will benefit everyone in Central Denmark Region,” says CEO of Aarhus 2017, Rebecca Matthews.